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Booster - Stunt Scooter Elektroantrieb
It is time to give a magic box for your scooter. Compatible, flexible and much faster3 Steps Revolution   Easy To Install It only takes around 3 steps. Just take off the rear wheel, the brake and put the whole conection of booster into the deck directly, then turn the screw.   Module Design Module design and the clear structure make the booster easy to repair and replace in low maintenance cost.   Efficient Battery Light weight in 0.47kg with max range run 12KM. The battery can be removed for charge and that ensure a long life span.   Good Performance 450W brushless motor and the exact gear ratios makes the booster highly efficient. Maximum speed reach up to 20km/s.   Interesting Riding The speed depends on how fast you can ride by your foot. Sport mode and Eco mode for your option. Electronic brake makes brake more intelligent and feels safety.   High Strength Net weight in 3.8kg of whole booster with the stable mechanics structure and quality aluminum ensure high strength. Light for flexibility. Strong for safety. Product Information Gewicht: 3.8kg Max. Power : 450W Max. Speed : 20km/H Max. Range : 12km Rollendurchmesser : 120mm*24mm Material : Aluminum Modi : Sport modus, Eco modus Maße: 342 x 174 x 160mm Functional mode We studied various of decks and finalized 24mm in width at the connection, compatible perfectly to most of decks. Cross structural design to strengthen the connection. Motor Equipped with the brushless motor to maximise the power at smaller volume, come along with precise gear ratio, no noise and max. speed 20km/h. Structure Unique modular design with clear and simple structure greatly lower the maintenance cost. Battery Come in light weight 0.47kg, large capacity, small size and high efficiency makes a max. Range 12km.Portable, flexible and easy to install.Replaceable with a spare one to prolong riding experience Mode Two modes for option. Sport mode and Eco mode.Fast and furious experience for riders at sport mode. While stopping after riding 20 seconds under Eco mode, inertia makes a longer sliding distance and ensures the range. Safety Combines electric brake with mechanical brake, starts with taillight on and flashing while braking, ensure the safety.    
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esQu Charger 24V
esQU Ladegerät 24V     Batterieladegerät Modell: FY0422941000E Eingang: 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz 1.5A Ausgang: 29,4V  1,0A Umgebungstemperatur: 5 ~ 25°C Genehmigungsinhaber Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co.,Ltd.  
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esQu Charger 36V
esQu Ladegerät 36V   Batterieladegerät Modell: FY0634201000E Eingang: 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz 1.8A Ausgang: 42V  1,0A Umgebungstemperatur: 5 ~ 25°C Genehmigungsinhaber Shenzhen Fuyuandian Power Co.,Ltd.     Batterie Modell: BL336 Typ: Li-Ion Batterie  Spannung: 36V 3.2AH Kapazität: 115.2 WH Ladedauer: Ca. 4 Std. Hersteller: LG *Diese Faktoren basieren auf folgenden Fahrer Konditionen: Gewicht 75kg, fahren auf flachem Untergrund unter voller Leistung.
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